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Paul Besancon

Owner and operator of Nocturnal Realms Media LLC., as well as author, producer and main contributor to the Nocturnal Realms blog, Paul Besancon has been writing since he was twelve years old. He discovered his passion for the craft when he was in the 6th grade. His teacher assigned the class a one page in-house short story — he did six. Ever since then, he has dabbled in short stories, books and even an old blog (that he wishes to never see the light of day again). Now, he has focused his attention on a new book series involving demonic forces pushing their way into the realm of humans.

Paul is a big fan of writing about angels, demons and other supernatural beings usually in a dark, urban setting. He likes to portray his characters as all characters are — grey. He considers black and white characters to be fairly boring and cliche: 'Good guy wears white, bad guy wears black'; Not exactly the most enthralling or fun way to represent someone's mind. Therefore, his writings tend to show the point of view of the supposed 'evil' side a great deal. Fun stuff.

His writing philosophy, as well as his career philosophy, is to entertain. He doesn't  care for preaching to the masses or trying to change the world with his work. Sure, he may have a message or point here or there, but there is a vast difference between having a work of entertainment with an agenda behind it, and an agenda with a work of entertainment behind it. He is very much an opponent of the latter. So be sure to take a gander at his future and present works, hopefully you'll find something that will put a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. If that happens, even just once, then Paul considers his job complete.

Lastly, being a big gaming nerd, Paul has a gaming website and YouTube channel under the moniker 'Jarek Defiler.' So if gaming is something you're interested in, be sure to click give his site a look.

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